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You and your dog. Anywhere, anytime.


DOGS DEPARTMENT products are designed for 'dog people' on the lookout for functional accessories without having to compromise when it comes to looking great.

We love to immerse ourselves in the dynamic vibe of hustling, bustling cities. Retrieving ideas, discovering the most trendy places, wining and dining in good company. And then come back to our safe haven at the seaside, smell the fresh air and go for long walks on the beach. Yes, we have wanderlust in our eyes. And what a blessing to share all our adventures with our most loyal companion. His dress code: Dogs Department. So let's go and explore, discover, enjoy the world.  



This collection consists of our most popular and established collar and leashes designs. We add new colors and materials to this collection, but the design stays the same.

Our ESSENTIALS stand for timeless pieces, made from premium quality materials. 



For pet parents who love to travel with their four-legged friend(s) we are currently designing a TRAVEL line. Keywords: lightweight, fashionable yet timeless. Coming soon, so stay tuned! 



A collection that changes with the seasons, and may consist of items from one of our partners. In short, we are staying on top of the latest evolutions in fashion and strive to translate them in fun and seasonal items that we're retrieving from all over the world.

Due to this, SEASONALS may be available for only one or a few seasons.

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